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Marsha Stevens of BALM (Born Again Lesbian Ministries)

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Gay Links

Disclaimer: Christian Gays believes in the basic tenets of the Christian faith. Some of these websites do not adhere to our beliefs, but I feel that they have value, so I ask you to discern the truth for yourselves.

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Directory of Welcoming Christian Churches - over 6,000 listings! Click Here.
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Directory of Schools Offering Theology Degrees Online - Click Here.

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Gay Christian Websites:

Art Websites (2)
Christian Denominations and Gays (17)
Denominational Support (39)
Educational Websites (See main Homosexuality & The Bible link)
Ex-Gay and Exodus International Support (13) For those hurt by these ministries
Film Production (1)
Health & Wellness (1)
Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) (9)
Ministry Training/Resource Websites (13)
Music Websites (32)
Other Gay or Affirming Christian Churches (80)
Personal Websites (23)
Political Websites (5)
Resource Websites (38)
Social/Support Websites (18)
Travel / Accommodations Websites (2)

Gay Secular Websites:
Art Websites (3)
Educational Websites (4)
Health Care (2)
HIV AIDS Websites (5)
Immigration/Refugee Info for Gays & Lesbians (11)
Miscellaneous Online Stores/Businesses (17)
Music Websites (4)
Personal Websites (5)
Political Websites (10)
Reference/Resource Websites (28)
Social Websites (29)
Two-Spirit Resource Websites (7)
Transsexual / Transgender / Crossdresser Websites (18)
Travel / Accommodations Websites (17)
Wedding Resources (15)

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Local GLBT Resources (19)

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