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Fraudulent & Scammer Profiles

Note: We aggressively take action against frauds and scammers. If you request favours or money from anyone through Christian Gays your name will be posted permanently on this page. Under no circumstances will it be removed!

If you have found us through another dating service, please consider joining our Connections Dating Service as an alternative.

If you wish to be notified of new fraudulent and scammer profiles, please register with Connections to receive our updates.

Click Here to download MANY tips that "They Might Be A Scammer If . . ."

VERIFICATION PICTURE: If you are uncertain about whether a person is who they say they are, ask them to send you a Verification Picture by printing their first name on a piece of paper and holding it in front of them. They can set their camera or webcam on delay to shoot it. If they give you excuses or keep putting you off, be warned that you may be dealing with a scammer.

For much more information, check out Romance Scams including their Scammer Photo Album.

Nigerian 419 scammer FAQ's

Click Here for Scammers from Ghana - info from US Embassy for Ghana

See our current List of Scammers.

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It is a sad fact that we must deal with people who will try to take advantage of others. Very often, gay men, especially older gay men, can be very susceptible to the advances of someone who appears to "fall in love" with them very quickly.

Please, if someone seems to want to be in a relationship within a very short period of time, or if they immediately try to generate sympathy for recent events in their life, BEWARE!

If they ask you to remove your profile from the Dating Service, BEWARE!

If they immediately want to leave Connections and use IM or email, BEWARE!

If they ask for banking or credit card info (for any reason), money, help with immigration, or any other favours, notify me IMMEDIATELY please! Send me a transcript of the IM conversation or email with the incriminating information.
I need this to confirm the specifics.

This is particularly prevalent with men from Nigeria and Ghana. They may have a pic in their profile of a white man, and may say they are from the UK or US but in reality they can be straight, non-Christian black men. They try to be what they think you want them to be. Some men even claim to be lesbians.

If their profile is brief, be cautious that they may not sincerely be seeking their soul mate, but are more likely seeking a "mark", although many have long profiles that have been copied and pasted into many dating websites.

If you suspect someone of having a fraudulent profile, check the time of their emails or chat messages and compare with the time zone they claim to be from. Also, do a Google search for their username. Most are listed on many, many dating sites. Check out their profiles on the other sites. If they are listed as a gay man but are seeking women, they are fraudulent.

Note: If they give you a UK phone number starting with +44 70xx, these numbers usually indicate that you're dealing with criminals based in Nigeria or other West African countries. These +44 70xx numbers are used as a redirector service to obscure the fact that the person taking the call is not actually based in Europe. The UK number is used to lend credibility to the scam.

Beware of the following phone numbers:
     UK: +44-70xx (call redirection)
     Netherlands: +31-6xx (mobile)
     Spain: +34-6xx (mobile)
     Belgium: +32-4xx (mobile)
     South Africa: +27-7x or +27-8x (mobile)
     Nigeria: +234-80x (mobile)
     Côte d'Ivoire +255
     Benin +299

If you have been approached by someone who you believe to be fraudulent, or if someone solicits you, please write to and notify me with the details.

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Current Fraud/Scammer Names to Beware Of

An Asterisk beside their name means that you will
find them listed under other names on the page

a_allen01* - see davelauren
aamir aamir* - see Emmanuel George
Abdul Raman* - see davelauren
Adams Williams - same person as Harrison Williams, Roland Brown
adaydawn09* - see considermepicked09
Adele Murray* - see adele7911
adele7911 - Adele Murray
     - claims to be from New Rochelle, NY but is from Nigeria.
See pic.
Adewunmi Peter Jones* - see apjboy69, Peter Jones, lund4585
Adrian Nelson* - see Nelson_01, real name is Ewamude Enabulele
     from Nigeria
Adrian Faucet - - tried to scam two of our members.
     Claimed to live in CA for one and FL for the other, parents died
     in a plane crash, asked for $1000, was overseas, stranded, robbed,
     supposedly worked for the gov't as an investigator - professional pic
Afred Daniel - - from a straight romance website,
     asking for $3000 to be sent to Omolafe Gabriel, Oyo, Nigeria, zip 234.
     See pic 1, See pic 2, See pic 3
Ahmed Mahmoud* - see ahmedy
ahmedy - - Ahmed Mahmoud
Aiden McCourt* - see davelauren
alanmario39 - - Alan Mario - claims to be from
     Michigan but is in Nigeria. See pic 1. See pic 2.
Alex Michael* - see alexmichael350
Alex Smith - - works with davelauren
Alexander Thomas* - see thomalex100
alexmichael350 - - Alex Michael,
     Michael Williams - claims to be from Michigan but is in Nigeria. See pic
Alfred Daniel* - see Afred Daniel
Alfred Nageh - known scammer
aliantuk - - Alice Anthony - claims to be in the UK
     but is in Ghana. Known (excessively active) scammer IP address. See pic.
Alice Anthony* - see aliantuk
Alpha bah* - see goodboy4all & humblebabe & humble4real
Amanda Sharpe* - see amansharp
amansharp - - Amanda Sharpe from Iceland
Amos Jack* - see amosjacky
amosjacky - - Amos Jack claims to be from Texas
     but is in Nigeria. See pic
Andrew Weber - - claims to be a Sgt. with the
     Canadian Army in Afghanistan. Will give 30% of the value of a 100 Kilo gold
     bar to someone who helps him get the bar out of the country. SCAM!
     - claims to be in Kabul, Afghanistan but is in Nigeria. See pic
Anna Roy* - see goldengoose
apjboy69 - or
     - Peter Jones or Adewunmi Peter Jones, lund4585
ApostleDrDevlin - - Joseph Devlin,
     Bishop JB Devlin Jr

Arthur Thompson* - see arthur18, Joey Williams
arthur18 - - Arthur Thompson-
     - same guy as Joey Williams
Atkinseeking -,,,, - same person as
     Joseph Atkins, Philip Jones, Robert Francis, Robby Francis, Roby Francis
      - SEEKING, Dcole22, dcole33, Daniel or Douglas Cole,
     Fraser69, Lindsay35, Scott30, Pjones555 - all claiming to be from Tully, NY
     but actually in Nigeria.
     See pic of Atkinseeking. (Same pic as Scott30)
     See pic of SEEKING/Robby Francis.
Austine Shawn Costello* - see germanaustine, linaa54luv & luna54luv
Beautyboy* - see humblebabe & humble4real
bemurray - - Murray Bridge
     - claims to be from CA but is from Nigeria. Listed on
Ben Fischer Ridwan* - see davelauren
ben123* - see ben33133
ben33133 - - benjamin asimandi
     - claims to be from Florida but is in Ghana. See pic
benjamin asimandi* - see ben33133
Benjamin Tetteh - known scammer
bestkirkever* - see justice444
bigjames - and - james
     - first claimed to be from NY, USA but IP showed Italy, with Pacific timezone
     - he then immediately changed all his information including his location to
     Australia, again with wrong timezone, and different email address.
     Both email addresses are known as "disposable". See pic
Bishop JB Devlin Jr* - see ApostleDrDevlin, Joseph Devlin, Bishop JB Devlin Jr
Black4white* - see Goodheart445 & seemenow45
blacknature - Peter Boakye - uses known scammer proxy IP's from Russia,
     Bulgaria, Ukraine, US, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Egypt. etc.
     - same person as Solomon Asare from Ghana. Seth Sarpong
     See pic 1 See pic 2
     Also registered as realities5, obedientboy, Petergay, peterboy, peter5,
     samelife, godwill, peeboy, sbjboy, Pedro, Gabriel Rahim,
     jacob_44, ben55, mark88, ross leo, mark leo, sandyslot, samsanton,
     james22, leo james, afriboy, jack22, jack ross, steven11, church_boy_1,
     jboy, juniorboy, Junior65, Fresh
     - uses email addresses of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
bluepants - - Glenn D - claims to be from La, USA,
     but is in Nigeria. See pic.
Bobby Appiah* - see bobbygay
bobbygay - - Bobby Appiah
borla4wealth - - Omobola Olaitan Larry
     or Larry Brendon -
     - claims to be from Bredford UK but is from Nigeria - See pic 1. See pic 2
Brenda Tucker* - see brenda42c
brenda42c - - Brenda Tucker - Time zone &
     phone number area code are wrong for stated location. "About myself" is
     word for word the same as MANY scammers on romancescam,, pig busters, etc. Incorrect English in letter. See pic
brownsarah996* - see serap111
Bruce John* - see johnnyblaze
Caleb Godson* - see feargod04
carol007 - - Sebastin Carol - claims to be from
     Missouri but is from Nigeria. See pic.
Caroline Adams - &
     - claims to be from Boston but knows nothing about it.
     She is actually in Nigeria and asking for $200. One person from another site
     paid her $1100. See pic 1 See pic 2
chaplain.josnolan - - Joseph Nolan - is not,
     to my knowledge, a fraud or scammer. He is a bisexual man who writes
     filthy, disgusting, very sexually explicit letters. Do not accept any mail from
     this man who calls himself a chaplain! May God have mercy on his soul.
Charles Ahmed Hassan Bechmans* - see davelauren
Charles Amoah* - see davelauren
Charles Ramos* - see davelauren
Charles Wright* - see davelauren
Chelsea Jackson* - see chelsealady
chelsealady - - Chelsea Jackson
     - claims to be a lesbian from Illinois but is in Nigeria and asking for $1200
cherryblossom* - see roben
Chloe Anderson* - see chloeanderson001
chloeanderson001 - - Chloe Anderson
     - claims to be from Minnesota but is in Nigeria. See pic
     - also subscribed as susanmeyers007 and even used a computer IP
     from Minnesota. This one is a pro.
chosehonestlife0210* - see considermepicked09
Chris Davenport* - see Daniel Davenport
church_boy_1* - see blacknature
considermepicked09 - - madela adolf
     - same person as adaydawn09 & chosehonestlife0210 &
     Edna Rekenberger - from Evans Mills, NY
croseca - - roselyne caron - asking to assist with
     her Bank in Canada as an agent to get money - says she is from
     Florida, Texas but IP shows Nigeria
Cruise_looki* - see davelauren
cryingshoulder53* - see davelauren
danie* - see daniella - - Danie Davies
     - claims to be gay guy, professional photos - identical info as daniella
Daniel Cole* - see dcole33
Daniel Conny* - see daniel456
Daniel Davenport or Sergeant Wilson Davenport or Chris Davenport or
     daniel2333 or davetx - or or or or
     is making connections through MillionaireMate,, and
     - says he's straight and deployed in Afghanistan/Ghana.
     Phone # is 0112332449117
     See pic 1. See pic 2. See pic 3. See pic 4. See pic 5. See pic 6. See pic 7.
     See pic 8. He is also listed on ScamWarners.
Daniel Domson* - see kinglove
Daniel Williams* - see dcole33
daniel2333* - see Daniel Davenport
daniel456 - - Daniel Conny - registered with
      a Texas, US address but is in Nigeria - See pic.
daniella2010* - see danie - - Daniella Davies
     - claims to be lesbian, professional photos - identical info as danie
Dave Lauren* - see davelauren
davealone00 - - David Cole - listed on ScamWarners
davelauren - - Dave Lauren - on lots of
     "straight" dating sites - also goes by the name of Theophil Dave,
     Mark Ben, Mark Philips, Mark Richard, Hassan James, John Gafford,
     Tyrone Nelson, Robert Cox, Ronald Beven, Julio Ethan Beven,
     Ronald Lyold, McDonald Peril, Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli,
     Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Ogentega Marvelous, Fenado Mark,
     Harry McDaniel Ashwood, Francisco Peralta, Mike Billy Anderson,
     Victor Ayobami Schneider, Aiden McCourt, Sheriff Osman,
     Charles Ramos, Ben Fischer Ridwan, Jeff Samuel, Jeff O"Samuel,
     Morris Bechmans, Morris Bechmans Hussein,
     Charles Ahmed Hassan Bechmans, Frank Nick Williams,
     S. Glen Jefferson, Charles Amoah, James Adam Adeola, Adbul Raman,
     William Christopher Marcus, John Cennary

     - usernames: justme2uonly2000, a_allen01 (on IM), Cruise_looki,
     georgenkem, louistrong, cryingshoulder53, lonelyht, habibaraman

     - email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

     - uses pics of Puna and others from Focus Hawaii and GQ magazine
     - works with Alex Smith -
davetx* - see Daniel Davenport
David Ahoe - known scammer
(Sgt) David Fetter - - wrote to my Jeff
     (our webmaster) saying he had seen his profile on the website but Jeff doesn't
     have a profile on the website. He claims to be part of the Canadian Army
     peace keeping delegation to Afghanistan and for privacy reasons no longer
     has a profile on the website. See pic.
David Okore* - see davidokore
David Smith - - from, Yahoo and
     Manhunt - claims to be a sculptor, then claims he desperate, hungry,
     needs immediate help.
David Tumawu - known scammer
     - claims to be traveling in UK, misplaced bag and needs $1870 loan
     - also banned from Faith and Fellowship Forums
davidokore - - David Okore
     - seeking women and claims to be heterosexual on other sites
     - from Takoradi, Ghana (known scammer region)
davisnaomi - naomi davis - - claims to be from
     Chicago, Colorado but IP is in Cote D'Ivorie - known spammer IP
dcole33 - Douglas Cole, Daniel Cole, Daniel Williams
     - or or - claims to be from the UK but is in Nigeria.
     See pic 1. See pic 2. See also Dcole22
Dcole22* - see dcole33 and Fraser69 and lindsay35 and Scott30 and
     Atkinseeking - Claims to be from Tully, NY 13159 but is in Nigeria.
degamo12 - - gestoni degamo - was warned
     about asking for money for school but continues to ask so profile has
     been rejected. See pic.
Douglas Cole* - see dcole33 and Dcole22
Duvasty - known scammer
Eddie01 - - Smith Vermeer
     - same guy as smithkelly
Edna Rekenberger* - see considermepicked09
eddy ayaba* - see eddyme
eddyme - - eddy ayaba
EF -
ejikejohnson - Igbokwe John Ejike - same person as below
ejikes001 - - John Williams - scammer from Nigeria
Elina Madela Adolf* - see considermepicked
Elizabeth Brown* - see queenelizabeth
Elizabeth Eyree* - see joseph_nick1
Elizabeth Johnson* - see elizzj
elizzj - or
     Elizabeth Johnson - scammer with sob story offering our member
      millions of dollars since she is dying of cancer.
     - probably same person as ejikejohnson and ejikes001
emma baah* - see Goodheart445 and seemenow45
Emmanuel Baah* - see Goodheart445
Emmanuel Ejiogun* - see st_tommy
Emmanuel George - - aamir aamir
     - asking $3000 to come to U.S. - known scammer from Nigeria
Erico* - see Steve(n) Eric
Erik Ken* - see Eriken
Eriken - - Erik Ken - claims to be from UK but IP shows Benin
     - IP is a known mail server for spam
Esther Bill* - see estherXC
estherXC - - Esther Bill - obvious fraud.
     Claims to be bisexual and seeking a man. Claims to be in Texas but
     is in Ghana. See pic
Eva Baby* - see goodbaby11
Ewamude Enabulele* - see Nelson_01, Adrian Nelson
eyenox - - Jack Row - registered as from Ghana.
     but immediately changed it to Australia, but he is indeed from Ghana. See pic.
feargod04 - - Caleb Godson
Felix Adom* - see humblebabe and lonelysoul22 (same person)
Felix Idan* - see lonelysoul22 and humblebabe (same person)
Felix Odoo* - see humblebabe and lonelysoul22 (same person)
Fenado Mark* - see davelauren
foouad - - ayman ayman - claims to be in NY but is in Morocco
franciso_lauren* - see davelauren - Nigerian, requested $200
Francisco Peralta* - see davelauren
Frank Abdulla* - see Frankie123
Frank Effah - known scammer
Frank Nick Williams* - see davelauren
Frank Yeboah* - see seekinglovly
Frankie123 - or - Frank Abdulla
Fraser69 - - Fraser Collins - same person as
     Dcole22 and dcole33 and lindsay35 and Scott30 and Atkinseeking
     - claims to be from Tully NY but is from Nigeria.
freddybill - - claims to be from Australia but IP address
     - is in Benin (next to Nigeria) - IP is known for spamming
Fresh* see blacknature
Gabriel Rahim* - see blacknature
georgenkem* - see davelauren
germanaustine - - Austine Shawn Costello
     - same guy as lina54luv & luna54luv asked for 400 Euros
Gestoni Degamo* - see degamo12
Gibson Harley* - see gibson_har
gibson_har - - Gibson Harley
     - claims to be in UK. Dad had an accident and needs $500
Godown - & &
     - Phone: 44774159936 Smith Bowman - same guy as
     Pureheart, Vinny Rios, Sgt Rios Powel, Tony Rios, SgtBowman
     Philip Lynn Bowman, surelover1
     - from Rainbow Christians, ManJam, & Adam4Adam.
     Claims to be in London, UK or Afghanistan. Coming to visit member.
     Sent pic of KLM ticket paid for, but not taxes. Needed money for taxes.
     Member sent $650. He then claimed he couldn't get his vacation leave bonus
     of $23,000 without paying $1300 fee. At that point the person did a google
     search and found him on our Fraud page. Professional Fraudster, very
     busy guy! Lots and lots of complaints about him.
     Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7 Pic 8 Pic 9 Pic 10 Pic 11 Pic 12
     Pic 13
godwill* - see blacknature
goldengoose - - Anna Roy - prettydamsel
     - Computer IP says UK but she says she has lived in Alaska for 5 years.
     I asked her to please re-subscribe from a computer where she lives.
     She responded that "I wasn't completely honest with you" and offered to
     teach me how to "fight scammers more effectively". She followed up with
     "The only way I think its possible to fight out scammers is by introducing
     something like a phone call verication process.. I mean everyone who
     registers on your site should be called over the phone and maybe given
     some sort of code... There's more, but you need to assure me that there's
     some sort of profit in for me..
" When I responded that there would be no
     profit for her, she then threatened me with, "Then I just might reserve my
     remaining suggestions.. Also, I hope you don't steal my idea, because as
     soon as I notice anything like phone verication on your website, I'll know
     its my idea, and I'll get my profit legally.." See Pic
goodbaby11 - - Eva Baby - claims to be from
     Germany but is in Senegal
goodboy4all - - Alpha bah - from Gambia
     - suspected fraud behaviour plus very involved in porn
Goodheart445 - - emma baah
     - also goes by Emmanuel Baah -
     - same person as Moses Brown seemenow45
     - gay man seeking gay man but with female names, from Ghana, same IP
     as seemenow45 (claims to be gay man but says he is a lady with a lovely
     smile that can melt ice)
Grace Ann - - Grace - claims to be from Nevada but
     IP shows Nigeria. IP is just one number from fraud tqq. Probably
     the same person as Tobe Stanley. Also wrong zip code and time zone.
Graceline Kamara* - see gracelinek
gracelinek - - Graceline Kamara - registered with
     same IP as known scammer Solomon Asare from Ghana. See Pic.
     - same email address as Peter Boakye
Green Cowser* - see davelauren
habibaraman* - see davelauren
hardworker22 - from Ghana. Known spammer/scammer IP with ProjectHoneyPot.
Harrison Williams* - see Adams Williams, Roland Brown
harrwilliams - - Harrison Williams,
     - Adams Williams
harry - - Williams Harrison,
     - same guy as Harrison Williams, Adams Williams & Roland Brown.
     He keeps showing up with new names and email addresses.
     He claims to be from the UK - London in one case and Wales in another.
Harry McDaniel Ashwood* - see davelauren
Hassan James* - see davelauren
heaven4u - - Temmy Dave
Hope Combs* - see hope1984
hope1984 - - Hope Combs
     - claims to be from Los Angeles but is from Cote d'Ivore. See Pic
iam_matt2g2 - &
     - Matthew Abiola - claims to work for London UK City Parks and Recreation,
     in Nigeria or Benin retrieving new animals or there for a workshop or seminar
     but having trouble getting animals shipped because of the tax of 825 EU.
     Animals have been seized and he needs the money to have them released.
     See pic 1, See pic 2, See pic 3, See pic 4, See pic 5, See pic 6, See pic 7
humble4real* see humblebabe
humblebabe - Padi Moses, Paddy Moses, Moses Padi, Moses David,
      lonelysoul22, Jahlove24, magmalove, Alpha Bah, Felix Otoo, Felix Idan,
     Beautyboy -,,
     - from Ghana - "I am vulnerable about my exterior appearance, about my
     body. I do not like when you compliment me about my aspect with jokes."
     - word for word taken from known scammer's profiles. IP's are proxy from
     other countries and listed with Project Honey Pot.
     See pic 1.See pic 2. See pic 3. Skype name is PADIMAKMAON.
humbelbabe1* - see humblebabe
Igbokwe John Ejike* - see ineedltr123 or ejikejohnson or ejikes001
ineedltr123 - ejikejohnson, ejikes001, johnwillie37 - John Williams
jack22* - see blacknature
Jack Ross* - see blacknature
Jack Row* - see eyenox
jacksonjay62 - - Mark Jackson
     - claims to be from the US but is in Nigeria. See pic.
Jacob_55 - - Jacob Tom - registered with same IP
     as known scammer Solomon Asare from Ghana, re-subscribed as mark_44
     - - claiming to be from Arizona but is using a
     Brazil IP this time.
Jahlove24* - see humblebabe
james22* - see blacknature
James Adam Adeola* - see davelauren
James Alexander* - see loveheals37
James Conte* - see oby
James Cooper* - see Jimmy Cooper
James Derry* - see jamesthederry32
James Torres - - jtmr123 - says to one of our members
     "i need someone in the states who will be making checks from the acct i will
     be providing and have it sent to the clients" - paying $100/wk.
     The reason he gives is that it takes too long to send from the UK, but he
     claims to live in Millers Creek, NC. Long letter - scam written all over it!
James Walker* - see lordoflove
jamesthederry32 - - James Derry
Janeth Ogwo* - see jena333
jaspercaleb - - jasper caleb - registered that he
     is in Alaska, wearing army uniform, but is really in Nigeria - See pic.
Jebbie Curtis* - see jebbie08021
jebbie08021 - - Jebbie Curtis - claims to be in TX, USA
     but is in Nigeria
Jeff O"Samuel* - see davelauren
Jeff Samuel* - see davelauren
Jena Boma* - see jena333
jena333 - Jena Boma, Jennifer Konan, Janeth Ogwo, miss123, ogwo123,
     racheal00, Racheal George

      - known fraud, spammer and scammer from Senegal.
     Claims to be lesbian, bi from Alabama or trans F->M from NY but prefers
     "she" pronoun.
     See pic 1. See pic 2. See pic 3.
Jennifer Konan* - see jena333
jenniferbabe* - see jena333
jessica rivera* - see jessybaby
jessybaby - - jessica rivera - claims to be from U.S.
     but IP shows her in Nigeria
Jesusiscoming* - See humblebabe
jhon906* - See jhonyboy
Jhony Guico* - See jhonyboy
Jhony Ocampo* See jhonyboy
jhonyboy - or
     - Jhonyboy Guico or Jhony Ocampo - from Philippines - asked for money
     since he lost everything in the Monsoon season. Member sent money.
     He claimed another emergency. Member sent money again.
     Now he is wanting money, money, money. When member refused he asked
     for a Christmas gift. See pic.
Jim Williamson* - see yesutuntumisback, yesutuntum, obidipon
Jimmy Cooper or James Cooper -
     or> - approached a woman through, asked for £500. Listed on Romance Scam and
Jimmy Williams* - see yesutuntum, obidipon, yesutuntumisback
joe mark* - see joe_55
joe_55 - - joe mark - known scammer from Ghana
     using proxy Bulgarian IP
joeywill - - Joey Williams
Joey Williams* - see arthur18 & joeywill
joeywill - - Joey Williams
John Bentley* - see lovingjohn
John Bruce* - see johnnyblaze
John Cennary* - see davelauren
John Gafford* - see davelauren
John Purdie* - see Newlife
John Williams* - see ineedltr123
Johnson kirk* - see justice444
johnnyblaze - - Bruce John or John Bruce
     - claims to be from San Diego but is using a proxy IP that hides his
     actual location. Emails indicate that English is not his first language. See pic.
johnwillie37* - see ineedltr123
Jonathan Wilson* - see jwilson3000, Nathan Wilson
Joseph Annor Boateng* - see seekinglovly
Joseph Atkins* - see Atkinseeking
Joseph Bright or Josph Bright - See pic. Claims to be
     from U.S. but is using a non-identifying proxy IP. Name is listed with
Joseph Devlin* - see ApostleDrDevlin, Bishop JB Devlin Jr
Joseph Nicholas* - see joseph_nick1
Joseph Nolan* - see chaplain.josnolan
Joseph Reyes* - see PrinceJoseph
joseph_nick1 - - Joseph Nicholas
     - portrays himself as straight male on some sites and straight female
     on others. Same person as Richard Cirsalli (see davelauren), Nurudeen,
     Vivian Brown, Elizabeth Eyree, Sweetestlove, VOS2009, Jubil Law,

     - some sites have pics of him as a nude female
joy johnson* - see joycomplex2020
joycomplex2020 - - joy johnson - claims to
     be from NYC but is from Senegal. Note UK email address. See pic
jtmr123* - see James Torres
Jubil Law* - see joseph_nick1
jude mike* - see prince124 - Micheal Simmons
     - Note mis-spell of "Michael"
Julio Ethan Beven* - see davelauren
Junior65* - see blacknature
juniorboy* - see blacknature
justice444 - - Kirk Justice, Kirk Johnson &
     Johnson kirk - claims to be from Texas but is in Africa - asking for $2100
justme2uonly2000* - see davelauren
jwilson3000 - - Nathan Wilson or
     Jonathan Wilson
kelvd9184 - major Nigerian scammer -,,
     - Kelvin Dominic, Kelvin Thomas - cellphone is 00234-8086915496
     - claims to be from NJ but says he owns an orphanage in Nigeria.
     - asking for money to transport some of the orphans to the UK
     for surgeries. Other stories include 13 yo son, Scott, who is hungry.
Kelvin Dominic* - see kelvd9184
Kelvin Thomas* - see kelvd9184
kendra41 - - Kendra Smith - claims to be from
     (nonsense city, state, county) US but is from Nigeria. See pic
Kevin Schupp - - wrote to me out of the blue saying
     he is stuck in Spain and needs 1,000 Euros but will pay me back
     - he is not a member of Christian Gays
Kevin Wilson - kevin_wilson888 - claims to be in in the UK but has a
     redirected phone # +44702405509 and asked for $450 to come to the U.S.
kevin_wilson888* - see Kevin Wilson
Kerrie Klarkson* - see kklarkson
kinglove - - Daniel Domson - from Ghana -
     - same person as Solomon Asare, Peter Boakye, Graceline Kamara
Kirk Johnson* - see justice444
Kirk Justice* - see justice444
kklarkson - - Kerrie Klarkson Phone # +234808949396
Kobina Ebo - same person as Patrick Ebo Williams - see lordlugarrd
Larry Keneth* - see Larry09
Larry09 - Larry Keneth - looking for "a lady"
Larry Brendon* - see boria4wealth
Laura Brown* - see laurabcares
laurabcares - - Laura Brown
     - claims to be from Ohio but is in Nigeria. See pic.
layman* - see boria4wealth
Leoland Wilson - known scammer (probably dangerous)
leo james* - see blacknature
letsbefriends* - see Debbie Bentley
LilCrown11 - - Nigerian Bastard
     - in "About myself" he says "I am a scammer"
Lilian Beko* - see lilianbeko
lilianbeko - & - Lilian Beko
     - known scammer from Senegal looking for a husband
lina54luv & luna54luv - - Austine Shawn Costello
     - same guy as germanaustine
Lindsay Robert* - see lindsay35
lindsay35 - - Lindsay Robert - claims to be from
     Tully, NY, 31359 (wrong zip code) but is from Nigeria
     - same person as Scott30 and Fraser69 and Dcole22 and dcole33.
     See pic.
Lloyd Labus - - claims he was robbed while in
     Greece, asking for money
lonelyht* - see davelauren
lonelysoul22* - see humblebabe
looker* - see lovelol
lordlugarrd - - Patrick Ebo Williams
     - same person as Medowu - asking for money for food but is online
     all the time and can afford internet services, listed on other scammer sites
lordoflove - - James Walker
     - claims to be in Austin Texas but is in Nigeria
louistrong* - see davelauren
loveheals37 - - james alexander
     - wants money sent to Nwachukwu Nwanneakolam Chukwuemeka,
     Apt 12, Flat 6, Efsane St, Gonyeli, Lefkosia, North Cyprus
lovell123 - suspected scammer - claims to be from Austin, TX but
     IP shows he is from Lagos, Nigeria - poor English
lovelol - - Benjamin Slippe - Ghana/South Africa
     - offered me 20% of 9 million to take him as a son - typical scammer
loveudidier - - didier kone - known 419 scammer
     - See pic
loverboy112 - - Patrick Cook
lovingjohn - - John Bentley - claims to be from New Zealand
     but is from Nigeria. See pic 1. See pic 2.
lund4585 - - Peter Jones
     - same guy as apjboy69
m_anderson71 - - Michael Anderson
     - claims to be from Minnesota but is in Nigeria. See pic (known scammer pic).
madela adolf* see - considermepicked09
magmalove* see - humblebabe
Marian Andrew* see - marian88
marian88 - - Marian Andrew - lesbian looking for
     a bi man, claims to be from "uewyork", US, Zip 10001, County or District
     of "love", for the state just a series of 13 numbers, time zone is inconsistent
     with location, IP indicates computer is in India and shows excessive
     amount of email. About Me just says "looking forlovelooking forlove"
     over and over again. For these reasons I suspect this person is a scammer.
Mario Daiz* - see mariodaiz
mariodaiz - - Mario Daiz - claims to be from TX
     but is in Nigeria. Also reported on Pig Busters. See pic.
mark_44* - see Jacob_55
Mark Ben* - see davelauren
Mark Cruise* - see davelauren
Mark Jackson* - see jacksonjay62
Mark Philips* - see davelauren
Mark Richard* - see davelauren
Mark Tom* - see Jacob_55
Matt(hew) Abiola* - see 1am_matt2g2
McDonald Peril* - see davelauren
me4u - - Michael Ross - same person as Tom Turton
Medowu - - Patrick Ebo Williams
       - same person as lordlugaard
mellisacruz or melcruz - &
       Mellisa Cruz - Note misspelling of Melissa - Claims to be in London and
       needs $850 to get back to CA, USA. Is on many other sites as "straight".
Mi Mie* - see username2122
micah1981 - & -
       Micah Wilcott or Tony Walcott - claims to be from London, Morden,
       SM4 5QX, UK - His registered IP's show he is not and are considered
Micah Wilcott* - see micah1981
michaelcollinsthegay - - Michael Collins
       same person as tenderluv1960
Michael Anderson* - see m_anderson71
Michael Collins* - see me4u
Michael Collins Onas* - see me4u, tenderluv1960, and michaelcollinsthegay
Michael Howard - - Michael Howard
       - claims to be from NYC but is from Nigeria
Michael Johnson* - see Mike4U
Michael Nyarko* - see michaelgh
Michael Ross* - see me4u
Michael Scott Collinson* - see seekinglovly
Michael Williams* - see alexmichael350
Micheal* - see Micheal Howard
Micheal Braff* - see micheal30
micheal hooks* - see micheal_ru - note mis-spell of "michael"
Micheal Simmons* - see jude mike or prince124 - note mis-spell of "michael"
micheal30 - - Micheal Braff - note mis-spell of
     "michael" - claims to be from NY but is from Nigeria
micheal_ru - - micheal hooks
     - note mis-spell of "michael"
michaelgh - - Micheal Nyarko
        - claims to be in Michigan, IP is Ghana
Michelle Morgan* - see perfectmichie
Mike Billy Anderson* - see davelauren
Mike Morph* - see mikemorphis101 or mikemorphiscares or tunde nelson
Mike Morphis* - see mikemorphis101 or mikemorphiscares or tunde nelson
Mike4U - - Michael Johnson
     - claims to be from Bloomington IL, USA, but is using a
       UK Scam Phone Number* from Nigeria (see above)
Mikiki Hardcoit* - see mikiki002, Stephane Kante
mikemorphis101 - or - Mike Morphis
     - also - also blacklisted on other
       websites as a Nigerian 419 scammer
mikemikemorphiscares - Mike Morph or tunde nelson - same guy as above
mikiki002 - - Mikiki Hardcoit or Stephane Kante
      - from Cote D'Ivorie
miss123* - see jena333
mmrschristina* - see mrschristina
Monica Frank* - see Nikki20
Moore Mcdade* - see username2345
Morris Bechmans* - see davelauren
Morris Bechmans Hussein* - see davelauren
Moses Brown* - see seemenow45 and Goodheart445
Moses Padi* - see humblebabe
mrschristina - - Mrs. Christina Makume
      - well known scammer from Benin Republic
Murphy Brown* - see Tierr909
Murray Bridge* - see bemurray
Nahomie* - see Caroline Adams
naomi davis* - see davisnaomi
Nathan Wilson* - jwilson3000, Jonathan Wilson
Nathaniel Abayateye - known scammer
Nelson_01 - - Adrian Nelson
     - real name is Ewamude Enabulele from Akure, Nigeria
Newlife - - John Purdie - claims to be from New York -
     but is from Nigeria - See pic.
nicckk55 - & - Nicolas Tizie
     - claims to be from Colorado but is in Nigeria, well-known scammer
Nicolas Tizie* - see nicckk55
Nigerian Bastard* - see LilCrown11
nikeplay - - Nick - claims to be from Ghana but is
     using a Brazil proxy IP that is reported on other spamming/fraud sites.
     See pic.
Nikki20 - - Monica Frank - claims to be from
     Tully, NY, 13159 (as many frauds claim) but is in Nigeria. See pic.
Nina Johnson* - see wl1804
nk.yesutuntum* - see yesutuntum
Nurudeen* - see joseph_nick1
Nwachukwu Nwanneakolam Chukwuemeka* - see loveheals37
obedientboy* - see blacknature
obidipon - - Jimmy Williamson
     - same person as yesutuntum
oby - - James Conte - claims to be from New Mexico
     but is in Nigeria
Ogentega Marvelous* - see davelauren
ogwo123* - see jena333
Olamide Babade* - see tessb1, Tessy Brown
onleinch - - Solomon Asare - known scammer from
     Ghana. See
only123 - - oye kunie - Nigeria - asking for money
Omobola Olaitan Larry* - see borla4wealth
Padi Moses* - see humblebabe
PADIMAKMAON* - Skype name for humblebabe
Paitoo Rev Elbow* - see Vice Admiral Raymond James Griggs
park austin terry - - Terry Park - claims to be from
     Colorado Springs, a marine in Kabul - never registered with Christian Gays
     but reported by someone who paid him $4220 to have him come. He never
     showed up and there is no further contact. He is also listed on dating72 as a
     man seeking a woman with many comments that he is a scammer.
     See pic 1. See pic 2. See pic 3.
Pastor Raphael* - see revraphael
Patrick Cook* - see loverboy112
Patrick Ebo Williams* - see lordlugarrd & Medowu
Patrickslove* - see lordlugarrd & Medowu
Paul Grant* - see paulgr
paulgr - - Paul Grant
     - reported by Alberta, Canada Police Dept as a scammer
Pauline Ross* - see rossy
peeboy* - see blacknature
pearsoncruz48 - - Pearson Cruz
     - claims to be wealthy but has been robbed and beaten in the UK,
     - needs money for medical bills, food, and to come home
perfectmichie - - Michelle Morgan
        - registered twice as "perfectmichie" - first as gay man with no details
       and then as a lesbian from Rochester, NH, but IP indicates Nigeria
Peter Boakye* - see blacknature or mark_44 or Jacob_55 or peter5 or
       Petergay or samelife or jboy or jacob_44 or sandyslot or samsanton
       - using same email address as (female) gracelinek
Peter Robin* - see roben
peter5* - see blacknature - using Ecuador proxy IP known for spamming
peterboy* - see blacknature
petergay* - see blacknature
Philip Jones* - see Atkingseeking
Philip Lynn Bowman* - see Godown
Pjones555* - see Atkinseeking
potter - - potter oscar - claims to be from New York
       but is in Nigeria. See pic
Pretty Morgan* - see prettysexy_055
prettydamsel* - see goldengoose
prettysexy_055 - - Pretty Morgan
       - claims to be from Miami, FL but is from Nigeria
Prince_Ken - - prince ken - from Ghana, using profile
       from Romance Scammer and Pic Busters, IP's listed on Project Honey Pot.
       See pic 1. See pic 2 See pic 3. See pic 4. See pic 5.
prince124 - - Micheal Simmons
PrinceJoseph - - Joseph Reyes
princeofarthur - - Roland Arthur - claims to be
       from Baltimore, MD but is in Ghana. IP is known spam server. See pic
Pureheart - & - rios powel or
       Vinny Rios - through Rainbow Christians - asking money for mother who
       supposedly has cancer - claims to be in the U.S. army, from NY but is
       presently in London - known scammer - same guy as Smith Bowman
       - same guy as Godown See pic 1. See pic 2. See pic 3
queenelizabeth - - Elizabeth Brown
     - claims to be in Florida but is in Nigeria
racheal00* - see jena333
Racheal George* - see jena333
RadicalApostle - - see above ApostleDrDevlin
RayBleoy - - William Baur - claims to be from
       Augusta Springs, VA but is in Ghana
raphael2013* - see revraphael
Ray Griggs* - see Vice Admiral Raymond James Griggs
rbseeking - - Ryan Bright
     - claims to be from Chicago, had $4000 stolen, but is from Nigeria
realities5 - Peter Boakye - claims to be from Ghana but is using a
       Russian proxy IP - see also blacknature. See pic.
revraphael - - Reverend Raphael
     - this fraud is impersonating a real person, The Reverend Raphael Gamaliel
     Warnock, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia,
     but his IP is from Ghana. See pic 1. See pic 2. See pic 3.
     also registered as raphael2013 - Pastor Raphael claims to be in Australia
     but email address is from ghana -
     - using anonymous proxy IP's to hide his location.
Reverend Raphael* - see revraphael
Richard Cirsalli* - see davelauren
Richard Neewhang - known scammer
rickypollar - Ricky Pollar - claims to be in TX but IP
     shows from Delaware and California but has a UK redirect phone #
     - asked for someone to pay his $5 membership as a friend - pic is professional
Rick J - - not a member of CG but claims he was mugged in
     Madrid, Spain, his flight leaves shortly, needs money urgently - wants a quick
     loan - quotes Father Richard Rohr in his signature
Richard Yell* - see RustyNC
rios powel* - see Pureheart
Robbin Hernman - known scammer
roben or Roben123 or Shabaz Roben or william346 or Peter Robin or
     or Shahbaz Robin or cherryblossom -
     - or or or
     - has approached women to marry him so he can immigrate to the U.S.
     to be with his partner. Also approaches men using pics of different people.
     - claims to be from Malaysia, U.S. Africa and Pakistan. Story keeps changing.
Robert (Robbie) Bennet* - see tyme2shyne
     - from Nigeria claiming to export fabrics to U.S., originally from Bahamas
Robert Cox* - see davelauren
Robby Francis* - see Atkinseeking
Robert Francis* - see Atkinseeking
Roby Francis* - see Atkinseeking
Roland Arthur* - see princeofarthur
Roland Brown* - see harrwilliams
Rollo* - see princeofarthur
Ronald Beven* - see davelauren
Ronald Lyold* - see davelauren
roselyne caron* - see croseca
ross4u* - see rossy
rossy - - Pauline Ross - 419 Nigerian scammer,
     claims to be dying of cancer - also known as ross4u. See pic
RustyNC - - Richard Yell from North Carolina
     - claims to have made an urgent trip to Manilla, Philippines, was attacked and
     lost all his money. Needs a wire transfer to pay hotel and flight home.
     Sent letter to "Undisclosed recipients".
ryan08 - - Ryan Whyte
     - claims to be in Ohio but is in Nigeria
ryanmorris44 - - Ryan Morris
     - claims to be in UK on work, needs a BTA which is $1000, has $620 but
     needs $400 to come home to the US - constantly asked if our member
     had a credit card because someone owed him money. The guy who money
     owed him didn't want to pay bank fees so wanted to credit his card with the
     money owed. (First time I've heard of this one!)
Ryan Bright* - see rbseeking
Ryan Morris* - see ryanmorris44
Ryan Whyte* - see ryan08
S. Glen Jefferson* - see davelauren
samelife* - see blacknature
samson12 - - Samson Long - from Ghana
     - claims to be lesbian
Samson Long* - see samson12
Samuel Mintah* - see seekinglovly
Santos Alberto* - see thiloxx34
Sara Brown* - see serap111
sbjboy* - see blacknature
Scott30 - - Scott Tracey - claims to be from
     Tully, NY but is from Nigeria. Asked for $2,000 to pay for his studio
     - claims to be an artist and doesn't want to work at a job - says his uncle
     supports him financially. See pic. Same person as Fraser69 and
     (lesbian) lindsay35 and Dcole22 and dcole33
Scott Wyland* - see wyland_s
Sean Ray* - see Seanray
Seanray - or - Sean Ray - Sri Lanka
     - Content of profile is from RomanceScams and he is also listed on
     ScamWarners. IP shows mail server and dictionary attacker
Sebastin Carol* - see carol007
SEEKING* - see Atkinseeking
seemmenow45 - - moses brown
     - same person as Goodheart445
seeson45 - - Felix Adom - from Ghana but
     IP is Russia. same person as Felix Odoo, humblebabe, lonelysoul22,
     seemmenow45, Goodheart45
seekinglovly - or
     or - Frank Yeboah - from Ghana
     - sob story about family being killed, no money, terrible life, etc.
     - listed on LLC as "419" scammer. Also known as
     Joseph Annor Boateng, Samuel Mintah, Michael Scott Collinson on
     Male Scammers
Segun Adegboyega* - see segun_adegboyega
segun_adegboyega - - Segun Adegboyega
Sera Brown* - see serap111
serap111 - - Sera Brown, Sara Brown,
     sweetsarah133, brownsarah996 - known scammer from many sites
Sergeant Wilson Davenport * - see Daniel Davenport
Seth Mensah - known scammer
Seth Sarpong* - see blacknature
SgtBowman* - see Pureheart
Shabaz Roben* - see roben
Sheriff Osman* - see davelauren
Smith Bowman* - see Godown
Smith Kelly* - see smithkelly
Smith Vermeer* - see Eddie01, smithkelly
smithkelly - - Smith Kelly or mathew
     - claims to be in Texas but is in Nigeria
Solomon Asare* - see oneinch
st_tommy - - Thomas Steve
     - claims his real name is emmanuel ejiogun
     - claims to be from Texas but is in Nigeria and out of money
     - asked for $3000 - gave UK cell # (typical of frauds - see TIPS above)
Stephane Kante* - see mikiki002, Mikiki Hardcoit
Steve(n) Eric - - Erico - through Rainbow Christians
     - claims to be a model and part time student, based in the U.S. but now
     in England - is gay but is serious about having a monogamous relationship
     with me (self-described old lesbian). He is OK that I'm deaf and is willing
     to look after me in my old age. Wants to come for a visit but at the last
     minute needs to borrow the money for the flight. See pic.
steven11* - see blacknature
surelover1* - from Dutch site - see Godown See pic
Susan Meyers* - see chloeanderson001
susanmeyers007 - - Susan Meyers
     - same person as chloeanderson001. See pic
Sweetest Love* - see joseph_nick1
sweetsarah133* - see serap111
Temmy Dave* - see heaven4u
tenderluv1960 - - Michael Collins Onas
     - same person as Michael Ross & me4u
Terry Dean - *see terrydean
Terry Park - *see park austin terry
Terry Walter* - see twalter
terrydean - - Terry Dean - claims to be from UK
     but is from Nigeria. See pic.
tessb1 - - Tessy Brown or Tessy Cole
     - real name Olamide Babade
Tessy Brown* - see tessb1, Olamide Babade, Tessy Cole
Tessy Cole* - see tessb1, Olamide Babade, Tessy Brown
Theophil Dave* - see davelauren
thiloxx34 - - Santos Alberto
     - claims to be from Atlanta, GA but is in Nigeria. See pic
thomalex100 - - Alexander Thomas
     - claims to have been kidnapped by Arabs, in desert for 9 days on foot
     - Asking for $500 by Western Union to Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai UAE
Thomas Anane* - see yesutuntum
Thomas Steve* - see st_tommy
tgunnerw* - see micah1981
Tierr909 - - Murphy Brown
     - asking for $1100 to be sent to the UK
tobe stanley* - see tqq
Tom Turton* - see m4u, Michael Ross
tom_turton - - Tom Turton
     - same person as Michael Ross, Newcross, London
Tony Rios* - see Godown
Tony Walcott* - see micah1981
Tracia Robert* - see tracia69
tqq - - Tobe Stanley - registered as from Wales
     but is in Nigeria See pic.
tracia69 - - Tracia Robert - same person as Fraser69
     See pic.
tunde nelson* - see Mike Morph, mikemorphis101, mikemorphiscares
twalter - - Terry Walter - claims to be from
     New York but is from Nigeria - his IP is listed on at least 10 blacklists
     for spamming
tyme2shyne - - Robert (Robbie) Bennet
Tyrone Nelson* - see davelauren
username2122 - - Mi Mie - same person as
     username2345 - claims to be from California but is in Nigeria - See pic.
username2345* - same person as username2122 -
     - Moore Mcdade - See pic.
Vara Desmond* - see varababy
varababy - and and - Vara Desmond - claims to be from
     NY, NY, UK but is from Senegal - well known Nigerian 419 scammer
     - See pic.
Vice Admiral Raymond James Griggs - Please note that this is a real person
     who has had his identification stolen. I'm sure the real Vice Admiral Griggs is
     absolutely legit. Just make sure that if someone claims to be him, that it
     really is him. The fraud using his name has used the following email
     He met a woman on Voipbuster and chatted daily with her for a month,
     sending pics of his passport and ID card of duty for verification. He then
     offered to send her 4.5 million GBP so he can come to visit her for two ,
     months but she needs to send 1700 GBP to his Barrister
     Paitoo Rev Elbow,
     Mobile contact:+233504481892.
     See pic 1  See pic 2  See pic 3  See pic 4  See pic 5.
vickmas - - Victor Judge
     - his IP is a known scammer
Victor Ayobami Schneider* - see davelauren
Vinny Rios* - see Pureheart
Vivian Brown* - see joseph_nick1
VOS2009* - see joseph_nick1
Wanita Bricks* - see wany
wany - - Wanita Bricks
william346* - see roben
William Baur* - see RayBleoy
William Christopher Marcus* - see davelauren
wills - - williams cooper - claims to be from
     "kenturkey" (his spelling, not mine) but is from Nigeria
Wilson Davenport* - see Daniel Davenport
wl1804 - - Nina Johnson
wyland_s - - Scott Wyland - claimed to be from TX,
     then from WA but IP indicates he is in Nigeria. IP is also shown to be a
     known spammer. See pic 1. See pic 2.
yesutuntum - or or Jimmy Williams, Jim Williamson,
     Thomas Anane

yesutuntumisback* - see yesutuntum

These people were registered with us at one time but have now been rejected for solicitation, fraudulent information or inappropriate behaviour.

Please just keep your wits about you. If you have concerns or suspicions about anyone, please don't hesitate to contact me with details.

May God give you wisdom to discern the truth, and the courage to seek your soul mate in this often risky world of the internet.

God bless,

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